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February 27, 2013

Hurry up, I fly away..

Hi Lovers,
Actually the Plan was, that I post today some Pictures from the Campus and from Brooklyn but something happen with my Camera and all the Pictures are gone:(

February 25, 2013

and the Oscar goes to...

Hello Lovers,
I'm back from College and everything goes very well, it looks like I'm finish on Wednesday :) 
Yesterday Night was the Oscar Night and this Year it was really hard to decide which dress I like the most. 

February 22, 2013

Weekly Diary

Hello Lovers,
Finally it‘s Friday, but actually it doesn‘t matter for me because it‘s College Weekend. 
What a Dream to spend the hole Weekend again in the College. 

February 21, 2013


Hello Lovers, 
I'm so happy to post finally a new Look. Yesterday in a College break we did some Pictures very fast, because it's so cold and windy right now. 

February 19, 2013

Shake Time

Hello Lovers, 
Sorry for the lately absence. I'm still sick, hopefully I can post on Wednesday/Thursday an Outfit Post. Hopefully you Guys had an nice Presidents Day Weekend.
It is very important to eat healthy and I'm very struggle ever Morning to eat Breakfast, I can't eat so early. So I drink every Morning a healthy Shake. 
The Shake is very easy and super yummi. 

February 15, 2013

Insta Diary

Hello Lovers,
Finally it's Friday, I really need the Weekend. I'm getting sick, so I think I really have to relax this Weekend.
As always Friday is Instagram Day, to review the Week ;)
Follow me on my new Instagram Profile: elossastyle 
Hope you enjoyed Valentines Day.
Have an greet President's Weekend
J ♡

February 14, 2013

Road Trip

Hello Lovers,
I think it‘s safe to say that I‘m crazy about Road Trips, I really adore them. 
Here in the US I did already 2 Trips, one with friends around Florida and last Year alone through the Southern States. 
In 43 Day‘s Marei and I start our Road trip, I‘m looking so forward to that. We start in Los Angeles and than we have planed a lot for 10 Day‘s. (finger crossed for Coast to Coast in 2014)

February 13, 2013


Hello Lovers,
As you can see a lot change here on the Blog, the last couple of Days. Marei and I decided to stop the two fashion lovers, because it‘s to complicated to work on an blog with two people. 
So Marei and I make now both separately an Blog. I continue posting on this one, with the new Name „Elossa“ and Marei is working on her new one.
I hope you understand our reasons and continue to follow the blog. When Marei‘s Blog is online, I will post immediately the link to it. 
J ♡

February 12, 2013


Hello Lovers,
One of my favorite spots in New York are the Brooklyn Heights. There, I love the atmosphere, the old red stone houses, one of the last pieces of the old New York. I'm honest, I'm a very big fan of Manhattan and I'm only going to Brooklyn for the Bridge and the Heights. So when you have time, take the subway to Brooklyn (Clark Street) and enjoy the historic New York. 
Enjoy the Day.
J ♡

February 8, 2013


Hey Lovers,
finally it's Friday, this week felt so long, I'm ready for some quality time with my Friends and just enjoy the city. 

February 6, 2013

Smurf Castle

Hello Lovers,
As I was telling you, on the weekend I was at the Belvedere Castle in the Central Park. I always call it Smurf Castle because there, they filmed a part of the movie.

February 4, 2013

Weekend Diary

Hello Lovers,
What a great weekend, on friday was my birthday and my love ones made it very special, Thank you again for that. On the weekend I showed my friend Marcella some places in New York. It was the second time for her in NYC. We stoped in Chelsea, Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn Heights, High Line Park, Met and Belvedere Castle. 
I want to share with you some pictures from the amazing weekend.