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January 29, 2013

High Line

Hello Lovers,
Yesterday I was the first time on the High Line Park, I planned so many time to go there, but I always end in my lovely Central Park ;)

January 27, 2013

wear Rain boots as winter boots

Hello Lovers,
I hope you have a great Weekend. 
Yesterday a had a short break between the College so I maked some pictures for you Guys. It was sooo cold, it toke only a couple of minutes to make them, because my Hand was blue after that. 

January 25, 2013

Weekly Diary

Hey Lovers,
that was a short Week thanks to Martin Luther King, I hope you enjoy your Weekend. Hopefully the weather get's better, it‘s so cold. 

January 23, 2013

A little Snow in the City

Hello Lovers,
Sorry for the absence lately. Marei has to study for her exams and I have also a lot to do for the College and the weather is right now horrible. It's so cold outside, it's almost impossible to make outfit pictures.

January 21, 2013

Need your Help...

Hello Lovers,
in a couple of days is my birthday and I go clubing with my girls. 
I really have no idea which dress I should wear. Maybe you can help me? Which one is your favorite ? 
Happy Martin Luther King Day.
J ♡

January 19, 2013

Beanie Time

Hello Lovers,
I love wearing beanie‘s. I‘m even so crazy, that I wear them in the summer time. They are comfy and just looking great when you have a bad hair day.

January 18, 2013

Hello Weekend!

Hello Lovers,
yay, the weekend is finally here and we share our instagram pictures of the week.
Enjoy your weekend and have alot of fun!

Rock the Winter Time with Skirts

Hello Lovers,
the winter time in Germany is always cold, so I wear pants most of the time. But here I love to wear dresses and skirts. 

January 16, 2013

Ice Ice, Baby

Hey Lovers,
on the weekend I was ice skating together with my friends and we had a lot of fun. It was the first time after 6 years because ice skating at the Rockefeller is not really skating, it is rather more walking. ;) 

January 14, 2013

Golden Girl

Hey Lovers,
as you can see, I bought the first item of my shopping list. I love the golden jacket, it‘s an eye catcher and upgrades every simple outfit.
I think, if you are wearing this Jacket you should only wear basic clothes, no other eye catcher. 

January 12, 2013

Instagram Diary

Hello Lovers,
time went by so fast this week, it‘s already friday. Do you have special plans for the weekend? 
As you know, every friday we post all the instagram pictures of the past week. 

January 9, 2013


Hello Lovers,
today I'm gonna  show you my favorite lake, where I spend so much time. It looks so magical, especially  in summer and autumn. There is a basketball court in front of the lake and it's perhaps one of the reason, why I fell in love with this park. This always reminds me of the river court from the series One Tree Hill. ;) 

January 7, 2013

new year, new haircut

Hello Lovers,
yesterday was such a beautiful day. The sun was shining and it was really nice to go for a walk without a winter coat. 

January 5, 2013

finally weekend

Hello Lovers,
My Rudolph nose is finally gone and I'm ready for a next look of the day ;)

January 3, 2013

Top 3

Hey Lovers,
today I'm gonna share my top 3 of shoes, purses and sunglasses. Hopefully these things will be in my closet pretty soon. ;) 
I know all of them are very expensive and that's why I chose the basic colors because they match with everything. 

January 1, 2013

New Years Eve in NYC

Happy New Year, Lovers!
I hope everyone had an amazing and safe New Years Eve. I went to a club on Times Square together with my friends and we had a lot of fun. Unfortunately the pictures of my outfit are very bad, I'm so sorry.
I try to take new ones in the next days.
2012 was amazing, I found new friends, travelled a lot, we finally published our blog and my family supports me in everything.
Thank you for all the lovely comments. It means alot to us! The project 'The two fashion lovers' is our little baby:)
J ♡