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September 28, 2014


Hello Lovers,
Welcome to Paradise.
Since we stayed in Playa del Carmen we had to take a 30 minute bus ride to Tulum for the day which we were excited for.

September 24, 2014

Rainbow House.

Hey Lovers,
Here some other Pictures from beautiful Savannah.

September 22, 2014

Central Park.

Hello Lovers,
Sorry for the absence, but I have a new man in my life, Levi a beautiful little puppy. So in love with him, spend some time with him.

September 15, 2014

harlston Village.

Hey Lovers,
Charleston really surprised me, maybe also because that road trip was sooooo not organized. I always plan EVERYTHING, but I just had no time to look before what I can do, in Charleston.

September 12, 2014


Hello Lovers,
I spent my last Sunday on the Top of the Rock, not the first time but it feels new every time.
Some friends where in Town and it was the first  Time for them on the Rock, still can't believe how some People live years in the City, without being at least one here.

September 8, 2014


Hey Lovers,From Savannah to Charleston its only a 2 Hours drive. I think for every blogger, a lonely street is just one of the best backgrounds, for some pictures. 

September 4, 2014

Savannah day 2.

Hello Lovers,
My first real day in savannah started very early, it was still a little bit chilli Outfit, so I put a Sweater over my Maxi dress. I stayed at the Marshall house, it's the oldest Hotel in the City and just beautiful.

September 1, 2014


Happy Labor Day, Lovers
I hope you had an amazing Labor Day Weekend, I spend it in the City, since its my last full Weekend here. Next Weekend I'm in Paradise.
Sorry that I didn't blogged from the Road Trip, I had trouble with the Wifi on the Road.