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September 1, 2014


Happy Labor Day, Lovers
I hope you had an amazing Labor Day Weekend, I spend it in the City, since its my last full Weekend here. Next Weekend I'm in Paradise.
Sorry that I didn't blogged from the Road Trip, I had trouble with the Wifi on the Road.

We had not really the best start on this Trip, first they were super long delay's, then cancel flights and when I was finally in Savannah I lost one full day there, plus my Suitcase was lost. Good thing, I had some Clothes in my Carry on.
I'm just such a big fan from the South, it's been 2 Years since my last Time in Georgia and Alabama, everybody is just so nice there and sometimes you think the Time goes slower there. Wish is for me sometimes hard, since I'm always in the rush (normal for New Yorkers). Savannah is just BEAUTIFUL, I can't count the Pictures from all those beautiful Houses I took.
I wish I had more time there, the only  hard thing, was the head, omg it was 102°F every day, plus super muggy. Since I was not prepared for that, you will see a lot of Pictures with a super red Face ;)
Have a great Day.

Dress : Forever 21
Shoes : Skemo


  1. Nice ;)

  2. So stunning pics! You look absolutely amazing! Adorable post!
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  3. Great shots, this place looks amazing!


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