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November 19, 2014


Hey Lovers,
A short 24h road trip to beautiful Copenhagen. I love how close Denmark and of course my fav Sweden is, at least ones a Month we explore one new City. Well I was not the first time in Copenhagen, but I have right now friends from the US here and I wanted to show them Cope Town. Its a perfect mix from Europe and the Staates. Just great that everyone speaks so well English there, and all the fav designers in one City.
We stayed in my favorite Hotel Dangleterre, spending Time here with my Friends was just a great gateway from work and all the renovation chaos. I choose to just enjoy the moment and basically never took my Camera with me, so I only have a few Pictures.
Have a fabulous day.

Vest : Zara
Skirt : express
Shoes : Forever 21
Purse : Fendi
Watch : Michael Kors
Beanie : H&M
Bracelet : Michael Kors
Jacket : Zara


  1. I really really love your style!!!

    Kisses honey :)

    Keep in touch :9

  2. Wow looks absolutely wonderful! Must have been a great time!


  3. the city looks awesome and your outfit is very chic <3 love it!

  4. amazing look

  5. Great look and article!
    Your blog looks really good btw!


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