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June 27, 2014


Hey Lovers,
omg, I’ve been absent from the blog for almost two weeks! I seriously hate when that happens always feel guilty, but to my defense, things have been super busy after London, causing me to neglect my blog for a bit. I’m sorry! Try to finish all the work before I leave for New York.
So as you guys know is London my favorite European City, every time I have a blast there, well this time it was very difficult for me. It was the first Time for my grandpa there, and everyone who ever traveled with a Senior knows, how difficult and stressful it is, special if they cant speak the language. I was not able to do stuff I usely do in London, just saw for the 1000 time, all the typical Tourist Attractions. But the Weather was amazing, and I had a little bit Time for myself, to spend Time in my fav Spots in Chelsea and notting hill.
They nightmare for every blogger is, when you have nobody who takes pictures, well in my case it was that I had somebody, but my grandpa was not even able to take a picture with my phone:( so I have not really good and many pictures from the Trip.
See you soon, have a great Weekend.

First Outfit:
Dress : Zara 
Sunnies : Michael Kors 
Bag : Fendi
Bracelet : Henri Bendel

Second Outfit:
Pants : Topshop
Sunnies : Celine
Shirt : Sincerely Jules
Bag : Fendi
Shoes : Nordstrom 
Watch : Michael Kors 


  1. London looks amazing! :)

  2. love the photos !!

  3. Lovely photos.

  4. Seeing your pictures makes me want to go back to London!

    Monica Harmony's Blog

  5. Great pics, I want to visit London so badly! Would be great if we could follow each other on GFC, let me know! x

  6. Lovely pictures!!


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