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February 2, 2014

B-day Weekend

Hello Lovers,
On saturday was my Birthday and I spend it with my Family in the oldest City of Denmark.

Grown up in North Germany I went almost every Week to Denmark, because it's so close but I never been to Ribe. It's such a cute little City, with beautiful houses and small streets. Unfortunately it was so cold, it was impossible to be outside more than 10-15 min, after that you need a hot chocolate break. Well or in my case a cute little Boutique, everything was on sale (heaven ;) )
So if you have the chance to visit Denmark, make a quick stop in Ribe. I plan to come back, in the Summer Time, to chill on the Harbor, in one of the Boathouse.
So I have to watch now the Super Bowl, weird feeling not being in NYC.
Have a great Day,

Jeans : Levis 
Top : H&M 
Cardigan : Yoom 
Jacket : H&M 
Bag : Michael Kors 
Shoes : Juicy Couture
Beanie : Brandly & Melville 


  1. Happy birthday to you, darling! The beanie looks good on you.

  2. Cool pics, happy bday.
    Love this look!

  3. I love your combo and colors!


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