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April 23, 2013

Middle of Nowhere

Hello Lovers,
After Hours on the Road,  from the Grand Canyon to Palms Springs we decided to make a stop in the Middle of Nowhere. I really love this Shootings on the Road, they are so American, okay so West Coast. You can‘t do this here in New York and I‘m not starting with Germany, there it‘s impossible to do that. 

For some Miles this Location is very beautiful, but when you see this for 2-3 Hours it makes you a little bit  aggressive and you really pray that nothing happens with the Car. And please drive on those Streets with a full Gas Tank and not like us, with a half full one. We really found last last minute a Gas Station, I never saw the red light so long on, and I never was so nerves and thankful to see a Gas Station.
I really can‘t wait for the next Road Trip in 6 Weeks, also when at means it‘s the last Trip in the US for a Time and I have to leave my Home in New York, to go back to Germany. This Part, I really try to ignore as long as possible. 
J ♡ 

Top : Forever 21
Shorts : Michael Kors 
Sunnies : LC Lauren Conrad
Shoes : Ralph Lauren
Bracelets : Michael Kors, Hardware 


  1. Great look! Simple, comfy and fashionable i like that!! :)

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  3. so glad u like it. Thank u so much girls. <3


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