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March 27, 2013

Top of the Rock

Hey Lovers,
On Sunday I was the first Time on the Rockefeller, I went so many times to the Empire and I really love it there, but it‘s nice to see from the Top of the Rock also the Empire (one of my fav.  buildings here in NY). It was in  compare  to the other days really warm, but  unfortunately  very dark and cloudy. It‘s so amazing to see the City from this View, such a beauty. 

I think in the Summer Time I go again, to see the Central Park green and on a sunny Day is Manhattan even prettier.
Only 2 day‘s left, than we start our Road Trip. Can‘t wait to wear Dress and Skirts without Tights. 

Sweater : H&M
Skirt : H&M
Shoes : Forever 21
Watch : Michael Kors
Bracelets : Michael Kors and Vintage
Ring : Swatch 


  1. Wow, such a beautiful view! But it must be a bit scary there))
    Love your sweater, so pretty!

  2. Pretty look :)
    I hope I will go where someday, looks so awesome:)

  3. Great outfit and the pictures are stunning! I also really like your layout, great job!

    Currently hosting a $50 Gift Card to for two lucky winners.

  4. Hi, love your pictures !! Your outfit is great/ regards from Midtown Manhattan:) xxx

  5. these pictures are stunning i've always wanted to go to new york

    The October Girl


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