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January 27, 2013

wear Rain boots as winter boots

Hello Lovers,
I hope you have a great Weekend. 
Yesterday a had a short break between the College so I maked some pictures for you Guys. It was sooo cold, it toke only a couple of minutes to make them, because my Hand was blue after that. 

In the last Time I use very often my Rainboots as Winterboots. With the Snow they are much better than my leather Boots, all the salt is not good for them. And I love wearing Rain Boots (in Germany I wear them quit a lot because it often rains ;) ) especially my Hunter‘s, I think I buy another pair of them, but I‘m not sure wish color, any suggestions?
I can‘t wait for the next two Weekends, next Week is my Birthday & Superbowl (only excidet to have a great time with friends, not to get older ;) ) and the week after is finally again Fashion Week.
Be safe and enjoy the rest of Sunday.
J ♡

Jumper H&M / Top Cubes /Shoes Burberry / Watch Michael Kors / Bag Longchamp  


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  2. Love the look, especially the wellies

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  3. Love the outfit! And the boots look wonderful :)

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  4. Love the rain boots !!!
    Thanks for visiting


  5. Well that really cool Boots for Women ....loved your outfit..!!


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